Why should I sponsor?

Sponsoring virtual FCHacks is a great way to give back to the community—you'd be able to play a major role in giving local students, across different ages, skill levels, and genders, that initial "spark" that gets them hooked on computer science, engineering, or design. If you choose to send mentors or to sponsor a track prize (e.g., "Best Healthcare Hack" or "Best Mobile Hack"), you'd be able to directly help students learn the skills of the future. Your sponsorship will also help ensure that the event is completely free for students, so cost isn’t a barrier to attend.

In addition, sponsorship is a great way to promote your brand—we'd put your logo, in our press releases and on our website, and we'd also publicly thank you during the event. FCHacks ia great way to connect with budding engineers and scientists across Pittsburgh area.

What kind of commitment do sponsors need to make?

We need all the help we can get, so any way you can contribute is appreciated. However, we do have a couple potential sponsorship opportunities in mind. First, we need materials to make the event successful. We will also need to pay for website hosting, domain costs, etc. We also need sponsors to contribute money and provide prizes; here are some suggested contributions:

However, even if you don't think you'd be able to contribute at these levels, or if you're looking for something different (e.g. technical, student mentorship, or other support), please get in touch! We'd love to speak with you.

If you/your company would be interested in sponsoring us, please contact us at team@fchacks.org

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